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Nansong Chemi-Tech has once again won the national "high-tech enterprise" honorary qualification
Time: 2022-11-03

On November 3, 2022, the High tech Enterprise Certification Management Network released a notice on the filing of the first batch of high-tech enterprises recognized by Chongqing Municipal Certification Institutions in 2022. Chongqing Nansong Chemi-Tech Pharma Co., Ltd. is listed among them due to its strong research and development capabilities and excellent scientific and technological achievement transformation capabilities.


Chongqing Nansong Kaibo Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the production and research and development of chemical raw materials and intermediates, and has independent import and export rights. Since its establishment, the company has placed great emphasis on research and development and the transformation of scientific research achievements. Currently, it has multiple invention patents and proprietary production technology.


The company has over thirty years of experience in hydrogenation reactions, high-temperature and high vacuum distillation, and various other special reactions, and its products and services are renowned in the industry.


In December 2021, our company was awarded the title of "Specialized, Refined, and New" Enterprise in Chongqing. After passing the review again this year, our high-tech enterprise will continue to respond to the government's call to stimulate high-quality development. By increasing investment in scientific and technological research and development, we will enhance our technological innovation ability, specialization level, and market competitiveness, and continue to focus on product quality development and brand cultivation.

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